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GrammaticArts® ESL and Acting Foundation Course

Our signature course, devised in 2014

 ‘’I’ve finally found the place I’ve been looking for to improve my English. More than learning English grammar, the classes are based on identifying your personal skills, what you already have and know, and how to improve them. I can’t wait to start!!!!‘’
Ana Felix (Portugal, Film Producer)





The GrammaticArts® ESL and Acting Foundation course is an opportunity to improve your English through Acting, leading to a performance in the final week. The course has been designed to support professionals who wish to improve their communication skills for work, as well as those interested in pursuing a career in acting.
Here are some key features of the GrammaticArts® ESL and Acting Foundation  course, which consists of English Language, Acting and Voice,Public Speaking and Pronunciation components:
  • Maximum class size of sixteen, to ensure optimum individual feedback and that all students can work in pairs.
  • Taught by PGCE and CELTA qualified and experienced English teachers and actors
English Language:
The aim of the English Language component is to develop your language skills to a more natural level of expression. The following elements are included in the programme:
  • English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, word linking and skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening)
  • Discussion of English culture and idioms
  • Feedback on your English including error correction
Acting and Voice:
The course enhances your existing English skills with Acting and Voice study, including the following:
  • Script reading to practise pronunciation and word stress
  • Improvisation and role-play
  • Movement and vocal exercises to develop the range and variety of your voice
  • Performance in the final week
Public Speaking and Communication:
The course includes exercises to enhance your public speaking potential, equipping you for both the work place and your every day life in the UK. The course includes:
  • Techniques to improve your vocal delivery, engagement with an audience and stage presence
  • Exercises to develop skills in listening, concentration, spontaneity and expression in English
GrammaticArts® ESL and Acting Foundation  will not only develop your communication, confidence and fluency in English, but will give you an opportunity to have fun and meet new friends in a relaxed environment.
The following add-ons are part of your course fee:
  • Language level assessment
  • Careers, CV, work experience and housing advice to professionals living in London
  • Advice on taking your first steps as an actor in the UK
  • Free follow-up support to all students, via email and telephone
*For adult students aged 18 and above
Early booking is advised as places are limited. All students will receive a GrammaticArts® ESL and Acting Foundation certificate on completion of the course.
Foundation Course Dates:
Next course dates to be announced
Here are some reviews:
 ‘’Such a creative way to improve your English, confidence and public speaking. Would love to take up the foundation course in September.‘’
Monica Thaker (India, Media Research)
 ‘’I’m so excited to join the course in September! Fantastic idea to improve English through acting.‘’
Marianna Bezler (Belarus, Performance Analyst)

For further information or for pre-enrolment enquiries please email


Our courses have been running since September 2014 at Jacksons Lane, Highgate, a high quality Arts venue for your learning with excellent facilities



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