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The Art of Articulation

GrammaticArts® Unplug:  PPA and After-school Programme

Our ppa and afterschool service is offered to primary and secondary schools in London and surrounds, and includes the following course options which are all technology-free

GrammaticArts Social Skills and Politeness

GrammaticArts Drama

GrammaticArts Singing

GrammaticArts Soft Skills and Creative Writing

GrammaticArts Lifeskills: Cooking

GrammaticArts Life Skills; Sewing


Our GrammaticArts EAL courses are offered through our Communication division.


GrammaticArts® Music School

Our one-to-one piano and singing lessons are offered peripetitically, and take place in your home or place of work. Please enquire for details

GrammaticArts® Choir

Our choir is set to begin in summer 2019, and is for adults from age 18+. The relaxed, informal sessions will incorporate business and enterprise networking for the purpose of community, stress relief and friendship building – all levels welcome.



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