10 Reasons to Choose GrammaticArts®


Top 10 reasons to choose GrammaticArts®


  1. For PGCE and CELTA Qualified Teachers

We recruit both PGCE and CELTA qualified teachers, and actors and directors who receive ongoing professional development. We believe that teacher training is essential to ensure students’ development as learners and individuals.  The quality of our teaching methodology is integral to GrammaticArts, and to the quality of our courses. All staff working with young learners are DBS approved

2. For Arts expertise

The company was founded and is directed by a qualified and experienced teacher in the three disciplines of Drama, Music and ELT,  who is also a trained actress and musician. Her passion for The Arts and philosophy of developing and harnessing individual potential through praise is at the core of GrammaticArts

‘’GrammaticArts were quick to recognise the areas I needed to work on, and have helped me develop my academic writing skills. It is much more than an academy, helping me with aspects of my personal life, job applications and to find work experience in London.‘’

Emma (Spain, Psychologist; IELTS and life coaching courses)

3. For Community

We recognise that students can feel lonely and isolated in London, with some of our adult learners needing to reassess their direction or rekindle their passion for the performing arts. We aim to provide a sense of community at GrammaticArts, and encourage our students to stay connected after our courses, many forming lasting friendships. We also offer personal advice, networking opportunities and out of class email support, as well as industry advice for trainee and professional actors. One to one tutorials are available at a discounted rate for existing students

‘’Jeanine really cares about all her students’ needs, and has a friendly approach to her role.‘’

Biljana (Serbia, Student; Summer general EFL)

4. For Enjoyment

Learning should be fun, and we aim to provide an enjoyable and student-centred learning experience for our students. Our lessons are presented clearly and simply with passion, enthusiasm and expertise, in a supportive environment

‘’The lessons helped me to improve my confidence in speaking English, with Drama activities and phonetic exercises. I also learned about British culture and gained the confidence to find a job in my field. I definitely recommend GrammaticArts.‘’

Liliana (Brazil, Financial Manager; One to One English and Acting course)

5. For Knowledge

Our courses integrate Acting with Public Speaking, Pronunciation and with Music to develop the voice. There are a variety of courses available including tailored one-to-one coaching, exam tuition, life and careers coaching and instrumental lessons

‘’GrammaticArts filled in lots of gaps in my knowledge, and my English really improved with their simple and creative explanations.‘’

Marco (Italy, Hotel Concierge; One to One business English)

6. For Variety

Experience a combination of movement and desk based learning, combining visual, auditory (listening), kinesthetic (movement) and tactile (hands-on) activities

‘’I improved rapidly and the lessons provided a great foundation for my future training, which I would have otherwise found difficult.‘’

Daiane (Brazil, Waitress; In-School general EFL)

7.For Differentiated Learning

We understand that not everyone wants to become an actor, and mentor our students to pursue their chosen career path. Whether you enrol on our courses for fun or for your professional development, we offer a supportive environment for all of our students

‘’GrammaticArts assessed my level and needs quickly, and I noticed a rapid improvement in my English. Their coaching was simple and thorough, and has given me lots of confidence and motivation.‘’

Jack (Uzbekistan, Television Sound Producer; One to One general English)

8. For Support

Whatever your background and reasons for enrolling on your courses, we respect the individual learning needs of each student. Many of our students are ESL learners, and GrammaticArts provides an ESL-sensitive environment for all levels and nationalities

‘’I have just started my Masters and I have found everything I have learned from GrammaticArts very useful. They also helped me look for internships in London.‘’

Daniel (Spain, Marketing Assistant; In-School EAP)

9. For Native Know-how

ESL courses are taught by native English teachers with excellent local knowledge, who can provide additional field trips through the streets of London

‘’Their essay and report coaching has been invaluable – I have learned how to express myself in natural English, and all about English culture. GrammaticArts teachers communicate well with foreign students, and are very dedicated – Jeanine is the best English coach I have ever met!‘’

Stephania (Brazil, Psychoanalyst; In-School general EFL; One to One EAP)

10. For Multilingual Teachers

Our Director and many of our teachers have additional language skills for beginner ESL learners



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