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Our Philosophy

The Dramatic Arts and Music are invaluable tools for developing both communication and interpersonal skills and learning and developing English. As children we learn our native language through Drama and Music; singing songs, playing games, dancing, and using imagination through role-play. At GrammaticArts we believe Drama and Music are integral to developing an optimum level of expression at any age.

Our qualified and experienced teachers unite Communication Skills training with the Creative Arts: GrammaticArts, to ensure an enjoyable, stimulating and therefore effective learning experience.

Our courses combine the five learning styles, using visual, kinaesthetic (active), auditory (listening) and tactile (hands-on) activities to maximise learning and cater to our students’ individual needs.

We believe that communication skills and a solid command of the English language are essential to having the best life and career possible.

Whether you are an aspiring or professional actor, a business professional or an international student, GrammaticArts can help.

Why Drama is key in ELT*

Active Environment
Enjoyable active learning means you let go of your inhibitions, and therefore are more receptive. Drama gives you an outlet to express yourself vocally, physically and emotionally

Muscle Memory
Physicalising words and text reinforces them by association

Vocal Clarity and Dexterity
Drama helps you use the different resonators of your voice, as you step into characters and explore different emotions. Reading text aloud encourages more varied intonation, and increases visual learning

Drama is about the other person, so you can develop skills in teamwork, empathy, listening and the acceptance of others, breaking cross-cultural boundaries. It also encourages the sharing of ideas and vocabulary

Personal Skills
Drama develops confidence and self esteem, including skills in leadership, responsibility, self awareness and self acceptance, developing your confidence in your own voice. It also improves organisation, focus, discipline, decision making, presentation skills and spontaneity. Above all Drama develops communication skills, clarity of expression and the imagination, which are transferrable to both life and work.


Why Music is key in ELT*

Singing a song helps you learn both the rhythm of words and word stresses

Songs contain repetition; therefore learning words to music reinforces learning

Singing in a foreign language encourages fluency and makes you less inhibited, as you focus on rhythm

Singing helps you increase your vocabulary, including colloquial English and idioms

Songs help you learn word order and grammar more naturally than studying them in a text book

*ELT: English language teaching, including literacy and ESL

Our Original Company Mission 2013

To empower students of all ages to express themselves, develop their own voice, present themselves as they want to be seen and reach their full potential

Company Aims

1. To use the Dramatic Arts and Music to both enhance and optimise communication skills for ESL speakers

2. To provide excellent quality teaching with a supportive, differentiated and safe learning environment, so that optimum learning takes place

3. To provide a fun and stimulating learning environment where students are able to feel relaxed and uninhibited

4. To build a collaborative community for students to connect and network, and a supportive environment for all personality types, both introvert and extrovert

5. To develop students’ imagination through Drama to enable them to conceive, visualise and implement their business and personal goals for the future


Our revised Company Mission for 2019

To use the Creative Arts, including Acting, Music and Writing, to develop strong communication and social skills, politeness and positive mental health, for students of all ages

Revised Company Aims

1.  PERFORMING ARTS To enable students to study performing arts, and pursue their passions in an environment of excellence


a)To use the Dramatic Arts and Music to both enhance and optimise communication skills for ESL speakers.

b)To equip students with the tools for verbal and written communication to express themselves, and to reach their full potential


To develop students’ confidence and imagination through the Performing Arts, to enable them to conceive, visualise and implement their business and personal goals for the future

4. EDUCATION To provide excellent quality teaching with a supportive, differentiated and stimulating environment for both students and teachers, so that optimum learning takes place

5. COMMUNITY To build a collaborative community for students to connect and network, and a supportive environment for all personality types, both introvert and extrovert. Extending this beyond the school with to help reduce loneliness for all ages, through building links with older people in care homes

A background to GrammaticArts®

jeanineuseFounder and CEO: Jeanine Jones

BA Hons Music, PGCE Music, RSA CELTA, Trinity Dip Acting – Other languages: French, German & Italian.

 Teacher, Reporter, Actress, Entrepreneur

After training as a secondary Music teacher then teaching ESL to adults in London and Paris, Jeanine’s four years of Acting training consolidated her eighteen years of teaching experience and her three subject specialisms: Music, ESL and Acting. Having already combined all three subjects in her teaching for several years, Jeanine was looking for a name that summarised these as one subject: she decided that rather than Dramatic Arts, GrammaticArts encapsulated Acting for ESL learners. After teaching and managing centres for other companies for seventeen years, Jeanine was encouraged that she had the ingredients to create the company, and felt that the time was right. Working alongside ESL speakers at Drama school, Jeanine had seen the need for language support for those actors in order for them to access the curriculum. Moreover, as actors they needed to be able to be understood, and to be taught at the level of English they had already attained.

Jeanine wrote and consolidated the company mission and aims in order to define what GrammaticArts could offer: not only English and Acting training, but using the Arts as a tool for personal and professional development. Having been a musician and acted in plays from an early age, Jeanine had experienced this first hand. Jeanine also wanted to implement her training in life coaching, inspiring students to reach their full potential both within and beyond the classroom. Above all Jeanine felt that the quality of teaching would be essential to maximising students’ potential, and decided that sound teaching practice would be an integral part of the company ethos.

From 2013-2014 GrammaticArts was very much a laboratory to develop new courses, and in September 2014 the GrammaticArts ESL and Acting Foundation course was launched at Jacksons Lane, Highgate, then subsequently at the Theatre Delicatessen, Farringdon. Through working with different teachers and receiving feedback from students, the next courses were adapted accordingly. Jeanine stepped back from teaching from the outset, focusing on one to one tutorials and providing mentoring, also carrying out lesson observations and mentoring the teachers. The student feedback was excellent on the whole, and students began to form friendships through staying on at GrammaticArts, one group even going on holiday together. Teachers fed back that they felt supported, encouraged and really enjoyed their time teaching with the company.

Since 2016 GrammaticArts has  developed to offer Enterprise and start-up coaching, Enterprise fairs, and a Music school component.  We have kept abreast of developments in education, and in the need to support the Arts both in the UK and internationally, for all ages and backgrounds.

The process of building a company is no easy feat, however with passion to help students develop their communication skills and self-esteem, grit and determination and an attitude of excellence, Jeanine is navigating GrammaticArts into its fourth year.

‘’I liked the fact that GrammaticArts combines different subjects, all of which I’m interested in! I also liked Jeanine’s warmth!‘’

Laura (Italy, Waitress)

‘’Jeanine’s lively and lovely and fun, and a very good teacher‘’ – Marianna, 16

The Art of Teaching

Our teachers are the life blood of GrammaticArts, and are carefully selected based on their background, education and training, and above all on their ability to teach. We employ both qualified teachers and actors and musicians who undergo teacher training in ‘The Art of Teaching’, including giving explanations and differentiation.We aim to nurture not only our students’ potential, but to provide continual professional development opportunities for our staff. Happy teachers mean happy students!

With our ethos of praise and constructive feedback, we select teachers that are able to build a great rapport with our students. Teaching is about what the students are learning, how to develop students’ strengths, and how to nurture potential.  All GrammaticArts teachers receive a structured syllabus, and are then given the freedom to teach each course based on their knowledge and expertise. We believe that teaching is an art, requiring dedication, skill and most of all the passion to pass on subject knowledge and experience.

*Continued Professional Development


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